For reaching the final of the long-awaited tournament Gambit fought with one of the strongest teams in the competitive scene of Counter-Strike - Astralis.

Our guys started Overpass, the Danes' pick, with 6 rounds ahead. Just accidentally the opponent managed to snatch a single round but it was totally ours and we finished the first half with the double advantage. Further Astralis tried to comeback into the game but their hopes were crushed with our guys' attack: Gambit won the opponent's best map 16:10! The magnificent performance was shown by the sniper of our team, on Overpass mou accomplished 33 frags with 11 deaths. On the choice of our line-up, Inferno, everything started with the rounds winning by both teams, but then the Danes gained the game dominance: the teams exchanged picks and the second map went to the Astralis with a score of 16:8. Gambit managed to tickle the nerves of the fans on the decisive Train, where the start was behind us — a gap of seven rounds. But gradually the opponent caught up with us and reduced the gap in the first half to 9:6! Then we managed to score a pace when the number of rounds in our account was twice as much as that of the current Major champions, but the Scandinavians made an excellent comeback! With almost equal numbers on the decisive third map, Gambit was able to break the comeback of the Danes and beat Astralis on Train with a score of 16:12!

Gambit left behind the champions of the previous Major and, in the end, went to the final of Krakow Major, where tomorrow they will fight for the title of the best team in the world! Our opponent is going to be Immortals.