From domination in European LoL through legendary CS:GO Major victory to world’s best talents in Fortnite.

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Our history begins with a star studded League of Legends line-up: Darien, Diamondprox, Alex_Ich, Genja and Edward. Less than a week after our foundation this legendary squad won IEM Global Challenge Katowice. On our way to the title we became the first non-Asian team to eliminate two top squads from South Korea.

In March we finished third at IEM World Championship in Hanover, having dropped only a single match. We finished top 3 twice in LCS Euroleague that was based in Cologne. Our first year concluded with a victory at IEM Cologne.

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In March Gambit LoL finished third at IEM World Championship in Katowice. Alexey «Alex_Ich» Ichetovkin left us upon the conclusion of LCS Spring, whereas Evgeny «Darien» Mazaev and Evgeny «Genja» Andryushin retired in summer. They were replaced by players from Europe, therefore for the first time in our history English became our primary language for internal communication instead of Russian.

The loss of crucial players and the change of language did not stop Gambit LoL from winning IEM Cologne two years in a row. This tournament was the fifth IEM event in a row where we finished top 3: this result let our League squad earn an unofficial title «Masters of Intel Extreme Masters».

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2015 was a crucial year in the history of our organization — we made a decision to become multigaming. Our first step towards this goal was a launch of Counter-Strike: Global offensive division and recruitment of Dosia, AdreN, mou, hooch and wayLander.
At the end of 2015 Gambit LoL left LCS Euroleague to concentrate efforts on CIS region.

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© - LoL Esports, 2015


It took Gambit CS:GO only one attempt to qualify for their first Major in Columbus, at the next one in Cologne we finished top 8 and secured «Legend» status.
In October our CS:GO lineup underwent historic changes: AdreN, mou and Dosia were joined by Abay «HObbit» Khassenov and Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko.

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2017 was the most successful year in our history.

In the first half of 2017 Gambit CS:GO retained «Legend» status at Major in Atlanta, finished second at cs_summit in Los Angeles and won DreamHack Austin. But the real triumph took place in July: having won PGL Major Krakow, we became the first and to this day the only CIS team that managed to claim this title. One-and-a-half months later we finished third at DreamHack Masters World Championship in Malmö, whereas in December we won ROG Masters. HObbit and AdreN made it to HLTV’s top 20 players of 2017 list. On top of that Abay Khassenov won «Rookie of the year» award at Esports Industry Awards.

In April we launched FIFA division and signed one of the most accomplished Russian players Andrey «Timon» Gurev. During his first year in Gambit Andrey won three national championships and secured multiple top 3 finishes at international events. In August he became the first Russian over the past seven years to qualify to FIFA World Championship, where he finished top 8 in PS4 division. At the end of the year Timon won «Gentleman of the year» award presented by «Komsomolskaya Pravda» newspaper and Department of Sport and Tourism of the City of Moscow.

In Summer we formed the most successful core of players (PvPStejos, Diamondprox, Kira and Edward) in LCL that together with Blasting won LCL Summer and qualified for League of Legends World Championship.

In May we established a Dota 2 division by signing Daxak, Cooman, chshrct, Bignum and ALWAYSWANNAFLY.

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In January of 2018 a deal was concluded and as a result our club became a part of an ecosystem of Russian telecommunication company MTS.
2018 was a year when our League of Legends squad dominated the CIS scene. We won two LCL titles, finished first at LCL Open Cup and top 8 at MSI World Championship.

Gambit CS:GO secured bronze medals at DreamHack Masters World Championships in Marseille and New York. Apart from that we finished third at three international tournaments: DreamHack Open Tours, DreamHack Open Summer and IEM Shanghai.

In August we launched Fortnite division and signed Yan «fwexY» Kaur and Patrick «Pate1k» Zakhrachenko.

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© - Riot Games Russia, 2018


In 2019 we paid special attention to acquiring up-and-coming talents and decreasing the average age of our players.

Updated Dota 2 line-up with Artsiom «fng» Barshak at the helm secured silver medals at ESL One World Championships in Katowice and Hamburg and a bronze medal at ONE Esports in Singapore. Having finished second at minors in Bucharest and Kyiv and top 8 at Major in Moscow during DPC 2018-19 season we were only one step away from qualifying for the main tournament of the year — The International in Shanghai.

In Spring of 2019 we increased our presence in Fortnite by signing multiple players. Yan «fwexY» Kaur and Mark «letw1k3» Danilov qualified for World Championship in New York and earned $100,000 each there. In August fwexy and letw1k3 won European Fortnite Champion Series 1 Championship, whereas in December letw1k3 finished third at European Winter Royale Championship.

Two Gambit FIFA players faced each other in the final of Moscow Cyber Cup: Artem «Xal» Khalilov overcame Andrey «Timon» Gurev. On top of that Xal won Nickel Cup and Timon secured first place at Russian FIFA Cup.

Gambit LoL secured two bronze medals in LCL and won LCL Open Cup.

In August we launched Apex Legends division by signing Sunset, Artyco and siigN. We had a successful run at our very first LAN in this discipline by making it to the final of a tournament in Krakow.

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Gambit Apex won two European Online ALGS Championships. letw1k3 finished seventh at Fortnite Champion Series 2, whereas Ilya «Toose» Chernyshov finished first at Fortnite Champion Series 3 qualifier and won two Platform Cash Cups.

Gambit Youngsters had their best stretch thus far: over the course of three weeks in July and August they won five online tournaments and 30 maps in a row. At the end of July we were reunited with one of the Krakow Major champions Abay «Hobbit» Khassenov and switched to a six-man roster model.

Gambit LoL claimed bronze medals in LCL Spring and LCL Open Cup. Going into the Summer Split we made a decision to rebuild a team around Gambit’s legendary player Danil «Diamondprox» Reshetnikov. We finished second in LCL Summer, only one step away from qualifying for the World Championship in Shanghai.

In March Olzhas «zhasik» Yessentayev won Kazakhstan national FIFA championship, in May this division was closed.

Hall of Fame

Gambit CS:GO 16/17

Champions and medalists of international tournaments, two-time bronze medalists of IEM World Championships

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