Gambit CS:GO won the first match at ELEAGUE Major

Gambit won in the opening match of the tenth anniversary Major! In the first round of ELEAGUE Major our guys were to face the Danish five North. After both teams’ bans Cobblestone was chosen, which was taken by Gambit eight times in a row.


Gambit faces North in the opening match of ELEAGUE Major

Finally the moment, which makes all the CS fans anxious, arrived, we're one step from one of the most spectacular tournaments, where the strongest teams from all over the world sort things out - ELEAGUE Major. It is Gambit squad, who has the privilege to open the most waited-for event in the CS:GO world. In the very first match our guys will face North. These five Danish guys were representing Dignitas recently, however, now their team under MSL's governance represents the famous Danish F.C. Copenhagen.


ELEAGUE Major 2017: Day One

The whole Esports community will follow the strongest teams fighting in Atlanta at ELEAGUE Major from 22 to 29 January. Sixteen teams from all over the world will fight for the championship title and $1,000,000. The first day of the long-awaited championship will show us spectacular matches between the best Counter-Strike has to offer.


Thorin on Gambit's chances at ELEAGUE

Duncan "Thorin" Shields offered to the readers the deep overview of each and every Gambit player, estimating their chances for the upcoming Major, it didn't go without touching upon never-ending question of Gambit getting Legends status being a fluke or not.  



LCL 2017: Gambit LoL roster

Gambit Esports is pleased to present its long-awaited League of Legends roster that will compete in LCL 2017. Upon the conclusion of lengthy tryouts we have added two legionnaires to our Russian trio: Michal "zoiren" Zíka and Vilius "Xavieles" Baltušis. Maxim "MegaLASH" Ogorodnikov assumes Head Coach position, whereas Igor "Grosse" Grigorev will lead Gambit in CIS Challenger Series.


DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 participants are determined

North American qualifiers put the end to the core of  DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 participants; according to the results of the qualifiers the precise list of members to fight from 15 to 19 February for the prize fund of $450,000 in the world entertainment center was determined.


What would Gambit members do now if they weren't professional CS:GO players

In the seventh edition of Gambit CS:GO Weekly our players are talking about the alternative carreer paths.


Gambit CS:GO ELEAGUE Major stickers are out

Traditionally, while waiting for the Valve tournaments, sets of teams-participants stickers are rooted into the game together with the players' autographs.  This time the developers innovated something more: one may also purchase Gambit graffiti.


Gambit CS:GO secured a trip to DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017

On January 9 Gambit CS:GO won the closed qualifier for DreamHack Las Vegas. The squad got to be one of sixteen participants of the competition with the prize fund of $450,000. The tournament will be held in the gambling capital from 15 to 19 February.


DreamHack Las Vegas: Closed Qualifier

DreamHack Las Vegas Europe Closed Qualifier commences on Tuesday, January 9. It will determine which four teams will qualify for the first Masters-series tournament of 2017. In order to advance Gambit CS:GO has to overcome Norse and the winner of PRIDE vs GODSENT.


Gambit CS:GO division is one year old!

January 8 is the essential day for us. One year ago Gambit announced an acquisition of CS:GO roster to the Esports community. We decided to bring our memory up to date and recall some bright moments, which happened with our team!


Gamurs on Gambit: "OLD DOGS, NEW TRICKS"

In an anticipation of ELEAGUE Major Gamurs has published an article about Gambit CS:GO. The author weighed our chances at the upcoming tournament, commented on two roster changes we had made in October 2016 and dwelled upon the team's recent achievements.


New Year's Resolution: Zeus

For the past five years I've been trying to celebrate The New Year with my family, parents and brothers at home. It's a family tradition to gather together. My brother is a professional sportsman, he plays football and we're often away, so such events as New Year bring us together.


Gambit CS:GO invited to the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Closed Qualifier

Gambit CS:GO has gotten the invitation from the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 organizers to the closed stage of qualifier, which will take place at the beginning of the next year, on January 9.


New Year's Resolution: HObbit

I'm celebrating the New Year with my parents, and spending the New Year holidays with my friends. I don't have any special traditions, it's usual, but I need to celebrate well as Russian tradition has it that how you celebrate the New Year will dictate the course of the next 12 months. The New Year never caught me in unexpected places, I always had everything planned.