HLTV Rankings: In November Gambit CS:GO has improved their position significantly has updated the monthly ranking of the best teams, based on the results of the matches, held in November 2016. The games of some big tournaments took place during this time:


The strongest opponent you faced

In the fourth edition of Gambit CS:GO Weekly our players decided to share who was the strongest opponent they faced on the professional scene.


Gambit CS:GO pending for ELEAGUE Major

The end-year is marked by tough training schedule for the whole Esports community in anticipation of the main event in the Counter-Strike world. Gambit team isn't an exception, however, before Major we don't lose the opportunity to compete for participating in other tournaments as well.  


Gambit squad. The way our players were met in Kyiv

Fans meet singers after Eurovision, fans meet sportsmen after Olympic Games. Esports doesn't stay aside and the meeting prepared for our players at the airport didn't stand down! This Sunday, November 27 Gambit fans gathered to greet the team at Boryspil International Airport and personally congratulate the guys on their victory in DreamHack Winter 2016.


Gambit about the trip to DreamHack Winter

From the Swedish tournament the guys returned as the winners! Championship in DreamHack Winter 2016 is added to the list of our achievements. In these three days our guys not only managed to overplay North American top teams, home team of DreamHack and get even with Australian guys but also to have a great time there.


Gambit Esports CEO will hold a presentation at eSPORTconf Russia 2016

Gambit Esports Club starts cooperation with eSPORTconf Russia. Gambit Esports CEO Konstantin "groove" Pikiner will be in the role of speaker at eSPORTconf Russia 2016. The topic of his report is as follows: "The role of a professional sports club in the modern Esports. To build a team. Myths and Reality".


NikSar and FIRees: Double interview with Gambit LoL rookies

In an interview for Championat new members of Gambit LoL, Ivan "FIRees" Silantiev and Valentin "NikSar" Zimakov, talked about leaving RoX and joining Gambit, up-and-coming talents in CIS and the future of this region.


DreamHack Winter 2016 through the eyes of Gambit CS:GO players

From 24 to 26 of November in the Swedish town of Jönköping there was the twentieth DreamHack Winter tournament. On Saturday Gambit CS:GO squad won the fourth champion’s title in their history. We offer you a photo selection from the scene taken from the social networks of our players.


DreamHack Winter 2016: Zeus vlog

The captain of Gambit CS:GO team Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko has shared his three-part vlog from the teams' trip to Sweden, which ended up with us hoisting the championship cup. We offer you Daniil's video blog, which includes a lot of behind the scenes footage.


DreamHack Winter 2016: Moments of victory

On Saturday Gambit CS:GO team has won its fourth trophy at DreamHack Winter 2016. We would like to share the best photos of our roster from this event.


Dreamhack Winter 2016: Gambit VODs

Gambit CS:GO earned its fourth championship title at Dreamhack Winter 2016. Check out our VOD compilation in case you missed our victorious performance in Sweden.


HObbit: "I'm in shock right now, I have no words"

After Abay "HObbit" Khasenov got his MVP award in DreamHack Winter 2016 he was interviewed by HLTV. The player expatiated on the course of the final match, feelings about getting the award, following plans and expectations.


Gambit is the champion of DreamHack Winter 2016!

Gambit’s victory is an outcome of Swedish tournament: we overplay the opponent and become the champions of DreamHack Winter 2016!


DreamHack Winter 2016: Gambit is in the tournament final!

The last day in DreamHack Winter started for our guys with the fight for advancing to the finals with GODSENT squad. Pick and bans came out as a surprise as against all the opponents GODSENT crossed Cobblestone out while with Gambit they decided to try their luck on this map.


AdreN: "We have always made out because of motivation and aspiration"

Dauren Kystaubayev of Gambit CS:GO is a rather well-known figure in Esports community, therefore Championat's journalists could not leave him without attention. AdreN talked about the hype surrounding the competitive scene, financial aspect of Esports and his passion for football.