ESEA Premier Season 24: Gambit shut down first opponent

Our team began their way at ESEA Premier Season 24 with the victory over Team123. With no difficulties they turned down young Danish players on Nuke. Having won two pistol rounds they managed to start the game successfully on both sides.


ESEA Premier Season 24: Gambit faces Team123

Gambit takes part in ESEA Premier Season 24. Apart from our guys there will be 23 more teams to fight for the victory in BO1 matches. The winner of a regular season will have the quote for ESL Pro League Season 6 EU. The teams, which due to ESEA results will take 2-3 places, will compete for the promotion with those squads, having got 12 and 13 places in the fifth ESL Pro League season.


LCL Spring 2017: Week 2. Day 2

Gambit LoL will face Vaevictis Esports in an opening match of the day. Both teams require a victory to avoid dropping down to the bottom of the tournament table.


Inferno will replace Dust2 in the competitive map pool

The update for Counter-Strike Global Offensive came out this night. For a long time Dust2 remained the most untouched map in the competitive format. Apart from minor improvements this patch has got the main correction in the rearrangement of the tournament maps pool, where Inferno goes instead of Dust2.


LCL Spring 2017: Week 2. Day 1

Today Gambit LoL is going up against the current leader of LCL. Vega Squadron is the only team not to drop a single game during the first week of the competition. It's worth noting that Vega is represented by two former Gambit players: LeX and Edward.


Happy 27th Birthday, AdreN!

Gambit Esports congratulates our player Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev on his 27th birthday! We want to wish Dauren all the dreams come true, all the goals be achieved, good luck, career success, and of course great victories!


Gambit at ELEAGUE Major: Infographic

We have been toying with an idea of producing infographics for a very long time and now, when we have all the tools necessary to prepare them, we are glad to present you the first one: Gambit at ELEAGUE Major. We would appreciate you leaving your feedback on its design and content. Enjoy!


Zeus: "In current CS captains play a big role"

Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen caught up with the captain of Gambit CS:GO, Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko, before ELEAGUE Major to talk about his past and current teams, and the state of the competitive CS:GO. 


HLTV Rankings: Gambit gains three positions in January

At the beginning of each month traditionally publishes the best squads rankings. Four tournaments have affected this year's first results: WESG World Finals, DreamHack Leipzig, ESEA Season 23, and, for those, competing for the first positions, ELEAGUE Major 2017 of course.


LCL Spring 2017: Week One Review

The loss to Natus Vincere and the victory over M19 took Gambit LoL right to the second place of the tournament table, though we share it with five more teams.


Support Gambit LoL with 2017 Summoner Icon

Once again you have a chance to acquire Summoner icon of your favourite team! Team logos, including Gambit, are already available in-game.


ELEAGUE Major 2017: Gambit VOD's

On January 22 - 29 you had a chance to witness the competition among the best CS:GO teams in the world. Even though our guys were eliminated in the quarterfinal stage of ELEAGUE Major, they presented us with a lot of beatiful games. They are certaintly worth to watch in case you haven't seen them yet!


LCL Spring 2017: Week 1. Day 2

Today Gambit LoL has a tough task of facing the reigning LCL champions. Even though our opponent is challenging, we are hoping for a victory, so that we can avoid finishing this week without a single win.


ELEAGUE Major 2017 Grand Final

The final day of ELEAGUE Major has arrived. Today we will find out the team that will come out on top of this competition. Yesterday Astralis and have secured the place in the Grand Final having beaten fnatic and SK Gaming respectively.


LCL Spring 2017: Week 1. Day 1

LCL Spring 2017 kicks off this weekend. Gambit LoL has an honor of playing in an opening match of the competitiong against Natus Vincere.